SuzukiPiano Association Ottawa/Gatineau

Our teaching methods are founded upon the educational philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Essentially, Suzuki demonstrated that music education can successfully be modeled on the process of acquiring one's "mother tongue", i.e. learning by listening before the introduction of written materials. Suzukiís ideas were first put into practice with violin instruction, and have since spread to the teaching many other instruments, including piano. Today, hundreds of thousands of children around the world benefit from Dr. Suzukiís insights.

Successful Suzuki instruction depends upon two basic factors:

  1. The teachers must be qualified. As well as being experienced and well-rounded musicians and educators, our teachers have completed the required training;
  2. The parents must understand the basics of the philosophy and must be ready to play a substantial role in the musical education of their child/children. To help new parents get started, we hold a New Parent Orientation Session which provides an overview of the Suzuki philosophy; explains the roles of teachers, parents, and students in the learning process; and addresses important information about listening, motivation, and practice habits.


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